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Jamie Miller is not your “typical” attorney, she is your trusted Tulsa business lawyer. She came to law as a second career after spending ten years overseeing federal grants for high-poverty school districts. During this time, Jamie always dreamed of returning to law school. Then in 2010, she left her successful career in government to fulfill that dream, moving back to Tulsa and attending TU Law.

J. Miller Law Firm is a boutique law firm founded on the idea that the attorney-client relationship is built on trust, integrity, and partnership. The firm does not take every case or every client, on the belief that not every client is a good fit, and in those cases, the firm is happy to refer work out in order for the client to achieve the most satisfactory outcomes. The firm’s values are focused on providing affordable legal services, proactively preventing legal issues, using dispute resolution to resolve cases where appropriate, utilizing technology for client convenience, building strong community relationships, and active communication with clients to keep them informed and valued partners.

Business Law

J. Miller Law Firm works with businesses of all sizes in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We are also proud to offer a customizable subscription for on-going legal services.

Estate Planning

J. Miller Law Firm will work with you in the estate planning process of making decisions regarding your property, family members, and health care decisions.


J. Miller Law Firm can handle every stage of the probate process after death and strives to make the process as easy as possible for you during such a difficult time.


J. Miller Law Firm offers Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution services to determine a course of action that will efficiently solve disputes.

General Law

J. Miller Law Firm works to achieve a favorable outcome for every client. Our seasoned attorney is available to provide a spectrum of general legal services.

Limited Scope Representation

J. Miller Law Firm offers limited scope representation services when a client hires a lawyer to complete specific tasks or a portion of the legal representation.

Tulsa Business Lawyer

About Us: We Serve Businesses of All Sizes

We believe in your business, whether big or small. At J. Miller Law Firm, we understand that it is vital to your business to partner with the right Tulsa business lawyer and law firm that has access to resources and partners that can help ensure your business’s success. Our firm provides proactive legal services that are often much less costly in the long run.

Family-Owned and Small Businesses

Medium-Sized Businesses

Large Corporations

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Jamie, your trusted Tulsa business lawyer, volunteers her time with numerous community and civic organizations and frequently offers free educational speaking opportunities to groups and events. J. Miller Law Firm offers guest speaking for organizations, conferences, and group meetings. For more information or to see a list of speaking events, visit this page.

Tulsa Business Law Firm

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