• Business Law
    • General counsel legal advice
    • Business formation and structure
    • Business purchases and sales
    • Contracts
  • Contract Law
  • Employment Law
    • Severance Agreement Drafting or Review


  • Business Legal Services – Subscription/Ongoing Services

At J. Miller Law Firm, we believe that it is vital to your business to partner with the right professionals who understand your business, and have access to those professionals on an ongoing basis.  Legal services are often less costly and many issues can be prevented if addressed proactively.   I also serve as a volunteer mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau, and a mentor/subject matter expert for SCORE and have seen many examples of the issues that make businesses have to write a check to resolve an issue.

By working with an attorney on an ongoing basis, we can work together to address and decrease legal risks.  Your business may not need a full-time attorney on staff, but you can have access to an attorney on a regular basis who knows your business needs and concerns. I will be there for you to help prevent potential issues as well as guide you through existing problems.  You might think of it as having a general counsel on call without the expense of having a full-time attorney on staff.  I would love to be your business legal partner.

I take communication with my clients very seriously and every fee agreement includes a prompt response guarantee. 

Some examples of areas to be addressed:

  • Contract drafting, review, negotiation
  • Demand letters
  • Employee issues such as severance agreement consultation and drafting; employee versus contractor classifications and agreements; policies and procedures; EEOC mediation
    • Can work with your HR department or outside HR consultant on employee matters as needed or upon request
  • Partnership buy-out agreements
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Legal advice and research for non-emergency and emergency legal issues.
    • Phone
    • Email
    • In-person consultation
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Business start up and ongoing corporate governance
  • Registered agent services
  • Dispute resolution
  • Business Succession Planning[i] (Clients on an active subscription will receive a 25% discount on estate planning services)
  • Presentations to staff

Starting at $275.00/month.   I can work with you to create a customized plan to fit the needs of your business – large or small.

The subscription/ongoing services option provides a discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate billing.  My goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that are based on the needs of your business.

  • Business Start Up Package

Oklahoma is a great place to start a business, but it’s important to start it the right way, get sound advice, and not shortcut key steps.  I have helped many clients with their start up businesses, as well as clients purchasing existing businesses, and am also a mentor/subject matter expert for SCORE in the area of business law.

  • Consultation on business structure such as LLC, Corporation, Partnership
  • Consultation/review of additional items needed to start a business and follow up steps
  • Secretary of State Filing*
  • File for EIN
  • File for trade name (if applicable)
  • Drafting governing documents (operating agreement or bylaws)
  • Drafting buy-sell agreement (if applicable)
  • Assistance with licenses and permits (if applicable)
  • Registered Agent services if requested

Starting at $550.  Price will depend on scope of services requested after consultation with attorney.

*Does not include filing fees paid to Secretary of State


  • Estate Planning
    • Avoiding Probate
    • Trusts
    • Wills
    • Power of Attorney
    • Advanced Directives
    • Business Succession Planning


  • Small Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Probate
  • Summary Administration Probate
  • Transfer on Death documents


  • Homeowner Associations
  • Debt Settlement
  • General Civil and Small Claims
  • Family Law


  • Contractor for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC
  • Mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Oklahoma
  • Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau – Northeast Oklahoma


What is it?

Limited Scope services occur when a client hires a lawyer to complete specific tasks, or a portion of the legal representation.  This may include a lawyer drafting documents to be used in court but the client represents himself or herself in court.  The lawyer discloses such limited representation on court documents but typically does not appear at any court hearings.

The client gets the benefit of legal advice from a licensed attorney at reduced costs from traditional full scope representation. 

This is not the same as obtaining forms found on the internet.  Clients receive a telephone or in-person consultation with an attorney, preparation or review of necessary documents, and additional advice and direction from the attorney as needed for each situation.

*Types of Cases or Issues Appropriate for Limited Scope:
  • Advice/consultation
  • Attorney letters
  • Contract and agreement drafting and review
    • Business and employment
    • Individuals
  • Court pleadings, motions, and other filings
  • Deeds
  • Family Law
    • Documents for court:  Divorces, legal separations, paternity
    • Pre-marital agreements
  • Legal research
  • Name Change
  • Negotiations/settlement discussions
  • Reviewing legal documents and giving advice
  • Small claims and other case preparation

*All cases require an initial consultation, conflict check, and signed fee agreement.


We offer limited scope services at flat fees.  Contact 918-938-1322 or


on J. Miller Law Firm Subscription/Ongoing Service Options

Is it really unlimited phone and/or email access to you? Even if I have a lot of questions?

Yes, and yes. If you have a question – contact me. It is included in your subscription plan.

What if I want to meet with you sometimes?

Great! I think it’s important to meet with your attorney face to face and check in. In every plan I offer, I include face to face meeting times. We can also do video meetings.

With everything going on right now, I really don’t want to meet in person. Also, there are other times when I really just can’t leave the office. How do you work remotely?

Since I opened my practice over 5 years ago, I have accepted online credit/debit card payments through LawPay. LawPay now offers e-check as an option, and I added that to my options as well. The client does not pay for these convenience features. I have also long offered digital signing of documents when possible, and am fully equipped to securely exchange documents with clients online. Phone and video conferencing are always an option. For video conferencing I primarily use Zoom.

How much does it cost?

We first have a conversation about your business – your needs, your goals, size, and ongoing issues. I then create a proposal for you based on my assessment of what needs to be done on a monthly basis. If you are ready to move forward, you sign a fee agreement. A typical plan for a small business owner with no or 1-5 employees or contractors would be $275/month.

If it’s not working for me, can I cancel?

Of course. If at any time you aren’t sure how to use your plan, or have questions on what you should be doing – ask me! I’m happy to give suggestions and ideas for how we can best work together for the benefit of your business. If it just isn’t working for you, we’ll cancel it.

Does it cover all areas of law?

No. I have a boutique law firm where I focus primarily on business, employment, estate planning, and probate. If you have a legal issue that I feel would be best addressed by a different type of attorney, I will connect you with referrals. I address in the proposal and fee agreement the areas that are included, as well as what is not included.

Why and when did you start offering this option?

For the last 5 years, I have offered business owners flexible options, such as flat rates for documents when feasible, and flat rates by the half day and day, including on-site at the business. I spent several months in 2019 thinking and researching other ways to best serve my business owner clients. I had too many people waiting too long to call me about an issue, because they were concerned about costs and traditional lawyer hourly billing. I decided to try and solve that problem by offering this option. If you have a question – call me. It’s not an additional charge outside your subscription. I began offering this option in January 2020.

Does this idea work for every client?

No. I think this is a great option for a business owner who wants an ongoing relationship with his or her attorney, and wants to be proactive to address problems on a continual basis. It does require the client to remember to use the plan, but it’s not difficult! When we start working together, we create a list of projects and issues to be addressed, and triage them each month. When questions come up, contact me. I can’t make you use the plan though. For clients who want to work together only on as as-needed basis, that’s fine too. I still offer more traditional retainer and hourly billing options as well as flat rates when possible.

Are there any other benefits to signing up?

I offer a reduced hourly rate for your estate planning needs while you are on a business subscription plan.

Do you have any other benefits to signing up?

Yes. I offer a business start-up package as well for the true start-up business owner. More information can be found here, along with more information on the subscription.

Also – if you think you have an area that could be a package – ask me and we’ll talk about it!