• Business Law
  • Contract Law
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Law
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Debt Settlement
  • General Civil and Small Claims
  • Family Law


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  • Mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Oklahoma


What is it?

Limited Scope services occur when a client hires a lawyer to complete specific tasks, or a portion of the legal representation.  This may include a lawyer drafting documents to be used in court but the client represents himself or herself in court.  The lawyer discloses such limited representation on court documents but typically does not appear at any court hearings.

The client gets the benefit of legal advice from a licensed attorney at reduced costs from traditional full scope representation. 

This is not the same as obtaining forms found on the internet.  Clients receive a telephone or in-person consultation with an attorney, preparation or review of necessary documents, and additional advice and direction from the attorney as needed for each situation.

*Types of Cases or Issues Appropriate for Limited Scope:
  • Advice/consultation
  • Attorney letters
  • Contract and agreement drafting and review
    • Business and employment
    • Individuals
  • Court pleadings, motions, and other filings
  • Deeds
  • Family Law
    • Documents for court:  Divorces, legal separations, paternity
    • Pre-marital agreements
  • Legal research
  • Name Change
  • Negotiations/settlement discussions
  • Reviewing legal documents and giving advice
  • Small claims and other case preparation

*All cases require an initial consultation, conflict check, and signed fee agreement.


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