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Planning for end-of-life is not something most people want to talk about. However, estate planning is a crucial step in ensuring the security and well-being of your loved ones and your assets. By creating a comprehensive plan, you can dictate how your estate will be managed and distributed after your passing. In order to navigate the complexities of estate planning law and make informed decisions, it is essential to seek the guidance of an experienced estate planning lawyer at J. Miller Law Firm PLLC.


I am Jamie Miller and have been serving Tulsa and surrounding areas for over a decade. I believe that my experience and knowledge of estate law make me a great asset to have in your corner.

where to find an estate planning lawyer
where to find an estate planning lawyer

The Role of an Estate Planning Lawyer

What is estate planning and the role of an estate lawyer?

  • Firstly, estate planning involves the preparation and arrangement of one’s assets, including properties, finances, and personal belongings, to be distributed according to their wishes upon death. In addition, it includes a range of legal documents and strategies designed to protect your assets and ensure they are passed on to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • Secondly, an estate planning lawyer is a legal professional specializing in the field of estate law. They possess the knowledge and expertise to guide individuals through the complexities of estate planning, providing personalized advice and ensuring their clients’ wishes are carried out. With my assistance, you can navigate legal requirements, minimize tax burdens, and safeguard your assets.


Services Offered by J. Miller Law Firm PLLC

As an estate planning lawyer, I provide a wide range of services to help my clients effectively plan and manage their estates. These services include:

  • Estate Planning Consultation: A personalized consultation to assess your needs, explain the estate planning process and tailor a strategy to achieve your objectives.
  • Will Drafting: Assistance in creating a legally valid and comprehensive will that reflects your wishes and ensures the smooth transfer of your assets.
  • Trust Formation and Administration: Guidance in establishing trusts to protect your assets and manage their distribution to beneficiaries.
  • Powers of Attorney: Help in designating a trusted individual to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.
  • Healthcare Directives: Support in creating healthcare directives that articulate your medical treatment preferences and appoint a healthcare proxy.

Choose J Miller Law Firm As Your Estate Planning Lawyer

To conclude, securing your future and protecting your assets require careful estate planning. With the expertise of J. Miller Law Firm, an experienced estate lawyer, you can create a comprehensive plan that ensures your wishes are carried out. Additionally, by understanding the complexities of estate planning law and utilizing tailored strategies, I can provide peace of mind. Knowing that my clients feel confident and secure in their estate plans is why I love being an estate lawyer. To learn more about my services and experience, please visit my estate planning lawyer website.