National Estate Planning Week

Any time is a great time to address your estate planning needs, but the week of October 14th is also National Estate Planning Week! Clients often ask me which is “better” a Will, or a Trust, and my answer is “it depends.” When I work with clients on their plans, we discuss their goals, needs, family situation, property, and health, amongst other issues. Many clients prefer a Trust for reasons such as privacy, avoidance of probate, and the ability to provide gifts over time, such as to grandchildren or nieces and nephews. For other clients, a simple Will that will go through probate is what they decide to do based on their needs. For clients with minor children, appointing guardians in a Will is an important decision.

Planning for the distribution of your property and care of your loved ones after you are gone is not an easy or fun topic, but many clients tell me it is something that has been on their to-do list for months if not years, and they feel so much better after it is completed. My goal is to walk you through the process and help you make a plan that fits your specific needs.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate planning needs, or to review and update your existing plans, please contact me at 918-770-7810 or